Are You Ready To Be Rich?


Are You Ready To Be Rich?

portrait happy young businessmanIf you were obscenely rich there is no point to read the following lines. They're not written for you. Neither are they for the people who can live comfortably in poverty and asceticism.

However, if you are among those people who totally devote themselves to their work and wonder why money is not responding the same way perhaps the following lines will help you uncover the hidden reasons. You know very well that you were not saying No to money, just the opposite! So what is going on?

It turns out it's more important what you feel, not what you think. It might be that subconsciously you don’t feel OK or ready to be rich.

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As a direct result, you may be working ineffectively and in the wrong direction. If for some invisible reason your subconscious mind thinks that you're not ready for wealth or it is not safe to be rich you may not even be looking for opportunities because it will keep you away from them so that you don’t get disappointed if you miss them. Therefore you would hardly ever become rich. It is, at the end, your readiness to notice and seize a golden opportunity when you have that chance, to take you to riches.

We would have paid much more attention and would really want to know what is in our subconscious mind if we only knew that it runs 95 to 98% of our everyday activity. Our thoughts, desires, and aspirations of our conscious mind take only up to 5% of our daily brain activity. The subconscious mind is the habitual mind storing all the learned behaviour so that we don’t have to think and re-learn every day how to operate and function in this world. So another problem is how to reach and alter these subconscious programmes that govern our behaviour. Their action is automatic and instantaneous but most importantly without the consent or approval of our conscious mind.

Here are some practical exercises that will give you an indication of your readiness to become rich. Give yourself time and be as honest with yourself as possible when you answer them.

  1. Do you really want to become rich?

Now, this is different from I dream of becoming rich or I’m hoping but there’s hardly a chance or I wonder if I had a rich uncle.

If you really want to be rich you have to be serious about it, you have to be all in. Do you have a conscious desire to have unlimited financial and material resources available to you? Do you honestly long to materialize wealth?  

And here is the tricky question: do you allow yourself to want or you censor your desires depending on the probability for their realization? Very often we delude ourselves, consciously or unconsciously, that we don't need much, that we are abundant, that we don’t have money problems when the truth is too painful to bear. Don’t mistake trying to be positive with denying the problem because if you do, the price you’ll pay will be very high.

Now pay attention if your answers are in the region of why it is not good to want or why it is not possible because of your particular situation, your country, government or the economic crisis etc, to become rich. If you limit yourself to want or to even to think of growing rich because of any reason, it is possible that all your hard efforts and work will be wasted. That equals waiting and hoping for a miracle.

  1. Do you have a positive attitude to money?

Money and wealth are loaded with intense emotion that is not always positive so it is possible that the subject of money is triggering a negative response for you. Although rich people are respected there is always certain negativity towards them.

So here is an exercise for you: observe yourself and your feelings around money – how you feel when you think about your finances, how you talk about money. Notice how comfortable are you while planning your budget or paying your bills. Do you feel anxious when you must discuss this subject with your partner or talk money with your boss? Are you frustrated with your income?

Pay attention to those feelings because they may be a sign of an internal conflict with money and wealth. Subconsciously it will keep you to stay away from them. You may have been brought up with the understanding that money is the root of all evil, you may have witnessed horrible arguments for money between your most beloved people, you may have lost a lot of money yourself or you may be deeply in debt. In such cases, your subconscious mind had associated unpleasant feelings with money and anytime you approach the subject of money there is a red flag keeping you away from it.

  1. What are rich people for you?

Are they crooks, credit millionaires, shadow people, money launderers?

Or they are entrepreneurs producing goods and services, offering jobs, and creating wealth through managing their own or borrowed capitals?

Do the following exercise that will help you assess your own judgment: close your eyes, imagine a rich person and notice how they look. Pay attention to their appearance, their car, their house, and the people around them. Now pay attention to your thoughts about them - what do you think about them, how did they accumulated their wealth? How long hours do they work, what is their family like, are they happy?

Here come the tricky questions: can you stand next to them? Or can you become like them?

You would be surprised how much your internal talk and judgment originates from your parents. This how we learn about how the people and the world operate including money matters. So if you had a negative picture and internal speech of the rich man there is a great probability that you would never become rich. Why? Because it's against your values. Because part of you interpret their actions negatively, therefore, you would never want to be like them. It would equal to partner with, or become like, the devil.

  1. How realistic are your expectations for growing rich?

Some 10 years ago there was this famous film called The Secret where the experts talked about the Law of Attraction. The law says that you can get anything you want – happiness, health, and wealth, you can have, do and be anything you want. All you need to do is ask and you’ll be given. The universe will deliver it to you just like that, no need to do anything on your part. Perhaps a lot of people got disappointed by the universe when it didn't deliver what they wanted no matter how much they wanted the things.

I'm sorry to be the bearer of bad news but the problem is within you. It means that consciously you may have a strong desire but it's not up to your conscious mind it is the subconscious mind that rules. Its super-Uber-powerful computer operating with 40 billion bits per second against the 40 bits per second of the conscious mind will respond instantaneously and without the permission of your conscious mind.

It’s like trying to override NASA’s computers with the computing power of a wristwatch! You have no chance of winning unless you engage your subconscious mind on the side of the riches. Otherwise, you fool yourself expecting a miracle.

  1. Do you take proactive actions to grow rich?

This may include from setting goals, creating value, or looking for opportunities to taking risks and managing investments. It does not mean that you need to have a huge amount of capital to start with, but it requires a lot of bold and inspired actions.

Try to answer this question as honestly as you can because your answer will reveal your readiness. It will tell you how you perceive your own self: as the master of your destiny or as the victim of the circumstances. Is your answer full of excuses or full of ideas?

Because taking action is the biggest obstacle to getting rich. Nothing paralyzes our action more than hesitation, doubt and procrastination.

Here is a practical exercise that will help you to spring into action by realizing the price of staying the same and working the same that you are already paying. Close your eyes and imagine carrying on the same old way for the next five years. Try to picture yourself and your life. What would your life be? What wealth have you accumulated for those five years? What are the people around you? Are there any rich people amongst them?

Now imagine yourself in 10 years’ time - what do you see? Do you like the picture?

  1. Are you ready to put all your abilities, skills, and gifts to one purpose: money?

Are you ready to overcome challenges and obstacles, to look for solutions outside the box, to walk the extra mile to reach your goal? This is the other way around of asking:

Are you ready to give up your comfort and laziness?

We, humans, tend to love our little comforts. We also like to think good about ourselves. So, the way to satisfy both of these needs enters our procrastination. I call it The Immortality Syndrome with this one symptom: “I’ll do it tomorrow” excuse. Thus mentally you can still feel at peace about yourself while failing to pursue your goals.

You have to recognize that if you were to grow rich or simply grow you’ll need to apply all your amazing qualities, combine them with your experience in your own unique way in order to bring real value to the world in a big way.

These thought-provoking questions will reveal your biggest resistance to change and how you self-sabotage. Yes, change is uncomfortable indeed, but the truth is without change there are no chances of the miracles that you expect to happen. You will need to apply all your decisiveness, honesty, and determination when you aim high. Imagine what happens to your car when the loud pedal (your huge desire) is pressed together with the brakes (your huge resistance).

So, if you want wealth in this lifetime start working for it now. Acknowledge that you are a mortal human being who will not live forever. There is nothing sadder than to discover one day that you have wasted golden opportunities over a lifetime.

For more information or working with Irena on removing your inner resistance, overcoming procrastination, or fear from success contact us here.


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