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MR Training Course

Matrix Reimprinting with Irena BartonIrena sm matrixreimprinting square
 for EFT practitioners (minimum EFT Level 2)


If you are a helping professional from any of these fields:

  • psychology (including students at university), psychotherapy, counselling, hypnotherapy, regression, homoeopathy, NLP, naturopathy, nutrition, social work or relief work from negative experiences
  • alternative health or wealth modalities like EFT, life-coaching, body and breath-work, energy work, energy healing, astrology, human design, massage therapy, yoga
  • or anyone looking for efficient methods for deep personal transformation

EFT skills are required (EFT practitioner Level 2).

A printed manual and coffee breaks are provided.

What are the benefits for you:

  • you will learn how to easily get to the subconscious mind
  • you will master methods, which can dramatically improve the quality of your work
  • you will learn how to get to the underlying core issue in minutes
  • you learn from the best – a creator of BADEP, a non-profit organization for promoting energy psychology
  • you will gain access to an international online community for post-training support

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Matrix Reimprinting is a therapeutic modality based on EFT. It has been developed in 2008 by one of only 29 EFT Masters in the world Karl Dawson. It is a form of led by the therapist meditation with EFT, in which the present self mentally revisits a stressful past event in order to help the past self deal with it using EFT. EFT-tapping desensitizes the stress centre in the brain (the amygdala) and releases the emotional burden from the past. As a result, the perceptions about the memory and the past self are changed which leads to deep personal insights about themselves and their interactions with the environment.

Matrix Reimprinting is very effective for the same psycho-emotional (panic attacks, post-traumatic and depressive disorders, phobias), psychosomatic (high blood pressure, overweight, food disorders, etc.) or physical problems (as a supportive therapy with illness or physical pain, allergies, fibromyalgia, etc.), as EFT does. Like all meridian energy modalities, Matrix Reimprinting is recommended when medication or chemicals are inappropriate to use like in the case of pregnancy, kids, or lack of results with allopathic or homoeopathic medicine. In addition, it reaches deep into the subconscious and unconscious (due to the meditative state of mind) and enhances the body-mind connection to a deeper level.

The scientific research with electroencephalography during a session with Matrix Reimprinting shows, that the brain activity slows down to theta and even delta (as in a deep sleep) brain waves. Therefore this modality can effectively uncover unconscious experiences and emotions including pre-conscious memories from early childhood age and even past lives.

An intuitive technique, Matrix Reimprinting can easily get to the root of the problem. It is extremely effective to bring consciousness to areas of life or self which are less functional and to reveal limiting beliefs. The most distinguished quality of Matrix Reimprinting compared to the other EFT based modalities, is that the client can replace the old destructible beliefs with new empowering ones. This dramatically improves emotional and physical health, brings back mental balance and increases the quality of life. A lot of people, who are using Matrix Reimprinting are having deeply transforming and mystical experiences.

Testimonial about the Book Matrix Reimprinting using EFT

Gill Edwards, a best-selling author of ‘’Conscious medicine’’

This book is amazing! It is a real contribution to the new paradigm of thinking and health.


Orlin Baev, psychotherapist, certified practitioner

EFT and Matrix Reimprinting are a combination of several modalities: NLP, behavioural therapy and hypnotic suggestion. Tapping causes a light trance. EFT includes EMDR as a part of its process. These are techniques, which capture the person’s attention, while s/he is deeply involved in their experience so that the memory traces can be rearranged. Using EFT and MR we can go deep in the long-term memory. But beyond that, we are coming to the energy. No matter how we call it: The Field, The Matrix, the collective unconscious, personal unconscious or personal field or collective field, the work at this level is really effective; it changes the energy of the person. On one hand, we work to change the perceptions about a memory. But the very core of the method the understanding that the memory is not held in the brain but in the Field and the heart’s field is thousand times stronger than the brain’s.

In Matrix Reimprinting, a modality that it is more powerful than EFT and strongly resonates with myself, I see simplicity - a method with a very clear structure, so you can reach deeply. Matrix Reimprinting, the method of Karl Dawson is amazingly simple but it really works.

Dr Yoanna Yordanova, MD, homoeopath, certified practitioner

In energy psychology, as in homoeopathy, we look for the core emotional issue underlying the physical disease. During the seminar, I witnessed how easily Matrix Reimprinting helps the “recall” of the specific event and eliminates the energy of the trauma. Perhaps the most important merit of this method is the ability to replace on a subconscious level the negative belief, which has occurred due to trauma, with a new positive one.

Elitsa, MD, homoeopath, Certified practitioner,

Matrix Reimprinting with Irena is the culmination of my life! This is what I have been waiting for many lifetimes. I feel I can achieve anything, nothing is impossible. It is like my own personal discovery and I have discovered new dimensions of myself. My life has shifted to a brand new level just like this. It is insane, my mind is still struggling to comprehend the shift. But with Matrix Reimprinting you enter a new reality. Nothing is impossible for me!

Radosveta 'Sveti", Psychotherapist, Certified Practitioner, 

EFT and Matrix Reimprinting was a transformational experience, shaking and inspiring at the same time. I felt able to put misfitting pieces of myself to their right place. I already move in a different dimension where every change is possible and where, as I am loving myself, I change the world to the better. Thank you all creators of EFT, MR and BADEP! I am grateful to be in the same field as you!

Training package comprises:

  • 2-day seminar
  • manual
  • pre- and post-course materials
  • audio-recording for educational purposes
  • post-course support in an online group
  • certificate from EFTMR Academy (Great Britain)

To qualify as a Matrix Reimprinting practitioner you will need:

to register at and study the training videos on MR for Specific Issues or attend a live 2-day seminar on MR for Specific Issues. After successfully passing the online test you can be listed in the e-register of the certified practitioners

The seminar will be held in Edinburgh

Location TBA


Price 325 GBP

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