What to expect from a session with EFT?

What to expect from a session with EFT?

What to expect from a session with EFT

EFT is like a powerful weapon that can defeat any negative condition provided we aim it well. Even when we know how to apply it we may miss the mark, especially when applying it to ourselves. Sometimes it is difficult to see our own problems just like it is difficult to see our own nose.

The goal of an EFT session is to bring perceivable emotional relief to the client and clarity about the problem that he or she brought to the session. The client makes a subjective appraisal of the intensity of the issue at the beginning and at the end of the session. The EFT practitioner formulates the statements and taps together with the client as a guide. EFT releases the trapped emotions at the same time as it balances the body's energy system. Somehow the process stimulates the subconscious mind to put forward suppressed emotions or memories buried deeply for years but are related to the problem that is being worked on.

Although we may not consciously remember things our subconscious mind has stored all the information of our experiences. The practitioner's goal is to stimulate the knowledge stored in the subconscious, to reach the conscious mind. This is the way to help the client find the roots of a limiting belief, or how the presence of emotional pain blocks the client from reaching a certain goal. The practitioner shows the client how self-destructive thoughts and behaviour patterns block him/her from living a happy and abundant life. Usually, this subconscious knowledge is related to a particular negative experience where the practitioner helps the client to process and transform it using energy psychology.

In her work with people, Irena creates a safe space where she helps them to deal with their life challanges, phobias, or limiting beliefs, or whatever is holding them from experiencing a life full of love and abundance.

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