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If you could easily access your subconscious mind would you re-write those programmes that are not serving you - like I'm not good enough, I'm a failure, I'm rejected etc.?

When mindfulness combines with Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT) a powerful tool called Matrix Reimprinting or the EFT meditation is created.

Matrix Reimprinting is a form of meditation with EFT where the therapist leads the client to mentally revisit a stressful past event in order to resolve it by using EFT, intuition and creativity. It can also be self-applied by the client.

You will learn:

  • How subconscious models are created

  • How your conscious and subconscious minds work

  • How to access the subconscious mind in order to re-learn

  • Brain-wave frequencies and how EFT tapping slows them down

  • EFT tapping and re-writing the brain's learning

  • How EFT tapping combines with meditation for a powerful intuitive transformation

And there will be a live demonstration with a volunteer from the audience!


EFT-tapping desensitizes the stress centre in the brain (the amygdala) and releases the emotional burden from the past. As a result, the perceptions about the memory and the past self are changed spontaneously. In addition, deep personal insights about themselves and their interactions with the environment emerge. The new holographic perception is imprinted into the body-mind.

The scientific research with electroencephalography during a session with Matrix Reimprinting shows, that the brain activity slows down to theta and even delta brain waves (as in a deep sleep). Therefore this modality can effectively uncover unconscious experiences and emotions including pre-conscious memories from early childhood age and even past lives.

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Intuitive technique, Matrix Reimprinting can easily get to the root of the problem. It is extremely effective to bring consciousness to areas of life or self which are less functional and to reveal mental blocks. The most distinguished quality of Matrix Reimprinting compared to the other EFT based modalities, is that the client can replace the old destructible beliefs with new empowering ones. This dramatically improves the emotional and physical health, it brings back the mental balance and increases the quality of life. A lot of people, who are using Matrix Reimprinting are having a deeply transforming and mystical experiences.


Join us for this LIVE demonstration where you will learn how your conscious and subconscious minds work and our Master Trainer will demonstrate the technique on a volunteer.

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