EFT Level 2

EFT Level 2

Level 2


Level 2 is a continuation course for people who have completed level 1 and want to further develop their skills with EFT

In Level 2 you will:

  • Look deeper at the reasons we have emotional disease, where our beliefs come from and how they affect us

  • Learn how to use gentle techniques, ‘chasing the pain’, ‘tearless trauma’ and ‘sneaking up on the problem’ for trauma and other painful issues that require care and sensitivity

  • Discover ways to get to and collapse the core issues that underpin our emotional upsets

  • Learn about the connections between physical and emotional issues

  • Understand the importance of testing and how to do it

  • Learn how to build rapport and keeping your client safe

  • Discover EFT on the phone

  • Hear about EFT in groups and borrowing benefits

  • Benefit from advice and tips for further development

During these workshops will be amazed at the changes you feel about issues and feelings you have held for a long time. Many people find this a truly life-changing weekend.

Ted also offers a free three-month support line following the workshop.

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