My road to EFT

My road to EFT

I had achieved more than I had ever dreamed of by the time I was mid forties. I was in a blissful relationship, had a successful banking career, a beautiful home and a brilliant daughter studying in a respected university in Great Britain. According to all laws I should have felt utterly fulfilled. Instead my life was full of stress, my body suffered from chronic illnesses and agonizing pains that doctors could not cure apart from with pain-killers. The debilitating illness followed by the death of my mother made me question the purpose of life and suffering.

By then I had read huge amount of self-help and self-development books, had been applying auto-suggestion and Silva Method for mind control for decades and had started to work with Universal Energy. However nothing seemed to conquer the stress nor to answer my questions.

Enter EFT and it changed my life forever. With regular tapping I cleared away all sorts of negative experiences from my past and gradually restored my inner peace. EFT had astounding effect on my deeply emotional nature that had finally found its balance. As illness is connected to emotion my health improved dramatically where traditional medicine had been failing me for years. I am no longer taking the pain-killers I was so used to and as a bonus my eye-sight improved significantly and I even lost a few kilos.

I started to realize that achieving success is different from acquiring fulfillment where you do things for love and with a sense for purpose. As I kept tapping I was so empowered that I felt inspired to leave the comfort of my banking career in the midst of an economic crisis and to start a pioneering EFT business in my own country, Bulgaria. This allowed me to experience deep personal transformation with an unprecedented upsurge of life force and creative energy in all areas of my life.

Day after day I witness the astounding results that my clients receive which makes me stand in awe of the transformational power of energy psychology. Empowering my clients brings me a deep sense of fulfillment and purpose. I feel forever grateful to my teachers and to all those great people who brought EFT to the world.

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