Law of Attraction and why emotions are so important

Law of Attraction and why emotions are so important

The Law of Attraction or Why Emotions Are So Important

The Law of Attraction is a simple explanation of how consciousness and matter interact based on the discoveries of contemporary science. It says that every human is a magnet attracting to himself everything – events, people or wealth – that he thinks or feels no matter whether positive or negative.

At any given moment we vibrate with the vibration of our thoughts and feelings. Most of us recognise the importance of positive thinking for shaping our reality. Yet positive thinking is not enough or does not work as fast as we would like because our moods and thoughts change every moment. And our vibrations change too.

Here is where the Law of Attraction fits in. According to it (and also according to quantum physics), we are surrounded by the energy of the Universe that reacts or resonates to our vibration. It responds to it by giving in return times more of our own vibration no matter whether positive or negative.

The way to know what our vibration to the Universe is – positive or negative – is by identifying what we feel at any given moment.
Recent scientific research are focusing on emotions and their organ, the heart. The most renowned are the research studies of the American Heartmath Institute.



They are studying the heart's electromagnetic field as the most powerful field generated by the body. It reaches a few metres around the body.

Electro-magnetic field of the heart


The heart's electric field is approximately 60 times greater than the electric activity of the brain. The magnetic field produced by the heart is more than 5000 times greater in strength than the field generated by the brain and is detected several metres around the body. It is so powerful that the information it transmits can be received by the consciousness (the brain) of others. It is scientifically evident that the heart's field is modulated by the emotional state of the individual.

The Law of Attraction works in our lives whether we like it or not, whether we believe it or not. What surrounds us now is the response to our earlier vibrations. If we don't like it maybe it is time we should take our life into our own hands. That means that we should become more responsible for our emotions. We can choose our road in life – take the road of deliberate attraction, the road to success.

The experts on the Law of Attraction Esther and Jerry Hicks put it this way:

The more intense your positive feelings, the faster it is coming to you!”


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