Specialist areas

Specialist Areas

The persistent result my trainees constantly get is increased self-confidence and unlimited mindset - you can check their feedback and testimonials. I have the ability to observe their growth over the years and I have witnessed some amazing transformations after they have incorporated EFT and Matrix Reimprinting in their everyday lives.

The best specialist areas are the personally-experienced ones. In my case, it is the overcoming of the traumatic experiences from my past lives. Using the Matrix Reimprinting to deal with emotions unrelated to my everyday life, I had to emotionally re-experience 8 of my past lives. In this sense, I have personally endured: the loss of a child, of a single parent, of a spouse and of the entire family, loss of home and ultimate survival, physical and sexual abuse, slavery and coercion, illegitimate childbirth and adoption, torture, self-sacrifice and a couple of agonizing deaths.

To immerse myself in these intense negative emotions, which at times turned into physical diseases, was a huge challenge both for me and for my family who had no rational explanation for what was happening to me. However, overcoming these immense emotional traumas brought to me mystical experiences of inexplicable love and oneness with All-That-Is. Despite the pain and suffering, I have found a higher purpose to it all - I would not have it any other way!

Incomprehensible as it may seem to a western mind, re-incarnation is the dominating paradigm in eastern culture. Due to the emotional re-living of past lives, my emotional knowledge enlarged beyond the life-time experience and made me the Emotion Person or the universal empath.

I love to help carers looking after a family member with a severe health challenge. Most physical diseases have emotional contributor which if revealed and processed with EFT/MR can lead to healing. I know that when I help my clients deal with their traumatic experiences or life ordeals they open up for a new higher perspective which ultimately restores their joy of life.

My specialist areas are:

  1. Growing self-confidence and unlimited mindset;
  2. dealing with “emotions out of nowhere” – over-reaction: when our emotional reaction does not match our everyday life challenges;
  3. removing (unrecognized) internal limitations to achieving a goal – when determined to achieve we do all that is needed but the results do not match our efforts;
  4. stress management and dealing with disempowering situations – life is full of them;
  5. eliminating persistent negative emotions/thinking – when we cannot control our feelings or thoughts;
  6. empowering people who had experienced loss;
  7. any kind of performance anxiety – before a job interview, presenting a project, sitting a test, public speaking;
  8. weight issues – they are related to our feeling of safety, exchanging love or sexually related;
  9. quit smoking;
  10. finding our life purpose.


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