Trauma creates amnesia

trauma betrayalNote: This is an unusual source that can provoke questions, but current unprecedented times require non-standard approaches. We decided to publish this source (The Pleiadians through Barbara Marchiniak), not only because it RECOMMENDS EMOTIONAL FREEDOM TECHNIQUES as an effective tool for releasing trauma, but also for describes the trauma process, its effect on the psyche and how to heal. The source suggests dealing with our emotional "ghosts" in a manner very similar to working with an ECHO in Matrix Reimprinting.

You have all been betrayers, you have all been betrayed.

You have all been shocked, you have all been traumatized. Betrayal is something in everyone's DNA. If you then incarnate in a family that is dealing with these particular issues and it is really there at surface of the DNA, it means that since this has come forward, this is the lifetime to deal with it.

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