Stress and Anxiety


EFT for Stress and Anxiety

stress anxiety1Today I received a letter from Prime Minister Boris Johnson. Yes, I know, it is incredible! I turned the news on and heard he spent last night in ICU.

These are unprecedented times! Truly historic – our world has changed drastically. Now we live in a different reality and it happened overnight.

No wonder we are overwhelmed with stress and anxiety. I can’t tell which is more challenging: all the surrounding panic and shock from a deadly virus, the isolation, the abrupt change of my lifestyle, or the unpredictability – when will all this end and how will it affect us.

I keep asking myself questions - OK, we are stressed but why or


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EFT for Stress and Anxiety - Case Study

sad mature businessman thinking about problems in living smMy client Stuart (not his real name) arranged an EFT session on the general feeling of fear dominating his life. When we met I started the session by asking him which of these two statements was true to him:

"The Universe is benevolent and abundant and will provide me with everything"; or

"Life is a constant struggle and I have to fight for survival".

He immediately said that “Life is a struggle 100%!”. Stuart described his life as a struggle to survive, he had always felt under stress and pushing himself to his limits to work hard expecting the worst to happen. After recognizing the core issue underlying the dominating fear in his life we considered that events from his childhood could be the cause.


Read more: EFT for Stress and Anxiety - Case Study


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