Trauma creates amnesia


Trauma creates amnesia

trauma betrayalNote: This is an unusual source that can provoke questions, but current unprecedented times require non-standard approaches. We decided to publish this source (The Pleiadians through Barbara Marchiniak), not only because it RECOMMENDS EMOTIONAL FREEDOM TECHNIQUES as an effective tool for releasing trauma, but also for describes the trauma process, its effect on the psyche, and how to heal. The source suggests dealing with our emotional "ghosts" in a manner very similar to working with an ECHO in Matrix Reimprinting.

You have all been betrayers, you have all been betrayed.

You have all been shocked, you have all been traumatized. Betrayal is something in everyone's DNA. If you then incarnate in a family that is dealing with these particular issues and it is really there at surface of the DNA, it means that since this has come forward, this is the lifetime to deal with it.

Trauma creates amnesia

It does not just create worry. It creates amnesia, it creates a propensity to not want to look at anything that might rev up the trauma. Hence everything is love and light. Everything is fairies and angels and rainbows. All that does is delay what's going on. Sometimes when people who feel they don't have any trauma, they encounter it when they do the personal work. Personal work that really goes after the story. Because what all of you want to do - not only you are here to value your thinking, focus on your awareness and evolve your consciousness…. but more important: you are here to heal the pitfalls, the traumas, the fears, the misconstrued interpretations in your own DNA. Everyone's DNA is cluttered with fear. Some worse than others.

Dna human2

Where do you think your ancestors end? А 1000 years ago? No. 2000 years ago? No. You go back and back and back so you have records in your DNA of humans, your ancestors, those who preceded you. Who had lives like you do. Who used their imagination or didn't. Who had encounters that uplifted life or frightened them. Everything that your ancestors experienced and perceived achieved or failed at is recorded in the DNA. It is an ancestral record. It is different in all people because you are all different. And you have the option in any moment to change your mind.

Fears can lay dormant in the DNA and something in your environment triggers an old fear that may not be yours but it is in the DNA and it becomes yours because you fall prey to it. And then you believe it and then you get stuck.


This might be in a family that could have some predilections for self-destruction, mental illness, certain types of diseases... And you wonder ‘’where does this come from?’’ But the triggers are there and until they are healed, the DNA holds pitfalls.

Remember: the body is self-healing 

The body is always delivering a message. Once you receive the message and the body knows that you received the message and it knows that you are knowing what you have to heal, not just the symptom, but the reasons, the body eventually says: ‘’Aaah, good... The message got through to that stubborn thinker, now the healing can begin.’’ This is the advancement of consciousness that is available for many.

In this way, being that all time is simultaneous - the power is in the Now. And what you do in the now and the decisions you make in the Now ripple through the past and the future. We want to remind each of you as you invest in having more fun, relaxing, trusting your inner instincts without going into illusions.

You do the inner work and the inner work is where you meet yourself.

Meeting yourself maybe quite frightening

frightened child

You might meet the frightened child, the abused child, the betrayed child - whether it is you or somewhere along your lineage.

Of course, your personal astrological birth chart would indicate what challenges are you taking on and all of you do choose the family that you are born to. You qualify for it. You might come kicking and screaming because this is where your karma is, your destiny, your faith. Or you might say “Alright I will bite the bullet and I will incarnate into this family because I see what is in their genealogical record, I see what's in their background and it is here that I can do the greatest good to heal myself and to heal the line.”

You heal the line by removing your fear. When you search for and discover the purpose of the pain. There is always a purpose.


What is the purpose of this pain?

What is the purpose of this pain that I carry? Is it bad choices? Hanging out with bad people? Not thinking things through? Or have I done harm to others in my own journey of insensitivity or on my road to want to be important? ….

And then I have to be on the receiving end of having it come back to me, so I understand what it is to be the receiver, rather than the perpetrator.

Accepting that you are the Creator of your own reality and that the Cosmos is JUST is quite a big leap in consciousness.

When you own your pain and go into it and you do this on some psychological spiritual journey ...The Native Americans pray to the Great Spirit and acknowledge the negativity in their life and ask for a release. That is a way. Some people do rolfing - deep tissue integration because you see a lot of trauma is stored in the bones and in the tissue of the body. And when you start pressing and probing and making space in the body, which is basically what bodywork does - the boohoo’s come up! And they are in living colour, multidimensional in your psyche. [In Matrix Reimprinting we call them the ECHO - the energy hologram of consciousness or our past self that has frozen in time.]

They are there not to hunt you but to compel you to find the reason for the pain. And to get in touch with the being, the version of you or family or whoever that's in the pain at that time. And to be the saviour, not the martyr, from the future - which is where you are and to give solace and comfort. And to assure that Self that they are forgiven, that they are alright. [When we "enter the Matrix" we work with these ECHOs and ECHOs of the other participants in the painful memory in order to change the experience sealed in the holographic records.]

hand in mirror

That the pain is there to show you “Never go in that direction again.” So when you are a recipient, especially a chronic recipient of big big stuff, then the “what you do’s’’ come back to you. And as you heal it (sometimes people do a series of regressions - make an intention with the regression therapist to find the timeline where the problems begin.) And it's like going to a movie. And the body will take it on, recognize it. And a good regressionist will tell you:

"What's the point of it all? What were you there to learn and how can you evolve beyond it and heal it?’’ [With EFT and Matrix Reimprinting we can easily go back to the time where the problem started. The purpose is to find what negative belief about ourselves or the world was created, to rewrite it at a subconscious level, using all sensory sensations.]

So there is a lot of healing work to do. Breathwork can also do it, they used to call it re-birthing. But any kind of deep breathing where you put oxygen into the body is going to stir up all the stuff that has been stuffed down, stuffed down. You have spent a lot of time stuffing things down in order to be a good person because inside you are afraid that you are not a good person.

We want to tell you:

You are a good person, but you have healing to do

Actually, you can rub your hands together and say ‘’goodie goodie, I'm going to heal this!’’ And you will have a great victory in life. None of you will ever fully arrived at ‘’Oh, it’s all it's all done’’ It's an onion-like process. You do it layer upon layer, upon layer. [We are using this approach in EFT, uncovering new levels of awareness]

As the soul energizes the body the body gains greater confidence. You must understand you are not alone. There are so many people who have this journey yet ahead of them, but you are already way up on the mountain.

Have you trained yourself in techniques so that you can help others? Because that is where your greatest salvation will come. But you cannot baby others, you must be firm and compassionate and more neutral. Have more fun!

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Do you understand the tapping technique? It is called Emotional Freedom Technique

That is a very very good technique for you and other people. Don't be afraid to go deeper and thank yourself ‘’I am safe, I will go deeper and I am going to get everything out of this life that I can. This is the imperial life for me to free myself.’’ You start thinking that way and it will unfold. [You can easily learn how to tap by downloading our Manual or watching Irena's short video]


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