EFT for Confidence - 3 week online course

EFT for Confidence - 3 week online course

Can you imagine having the inner state of utter confidence that would allow you to have that dream job, that romantic relationship, or the super business project that would take you two steps ahead in life?
What is it like to be in this state where you can express yourself with poise and presence?

However, it often happens that we doubt and underestimate ourselves, especially when we are embarking on something new. The unfamiliar frightens us so we give up and stay in our comfort zone frustrated and unfulfilled.

If you are one of the people who:

• Think you're not good enough and that little thing spoils your happiness
• Keep remembering one little failure, forgetting hundreds of big successes, because on some level you doubt yourself
• You settle for less – agree to things and situations that don't fully satisfy you just because you think no one cares about your opinions and desires – and have many proofs for that

this seminar is for you.

You are one of those serious and trustworthy people, always responsible for diligently doing your job, and consenting to others. But your good work and skills go unnoticed because other more aggressive, arrogant, and unscrupulous colleagues or partners take all the credit. And once again you become convinced that you must try even harder, give even more, that you need to become perfect in order to get ahead. You start to think that something is wrong with you and that you will never be ahead in the game of life...

Don't worry, there's a solution.

And it is to emerge from the vicious circle of internal criticism and self-sabotage by changing your subconscious mind into unshakable confidence.

Most training and education focus on confidence tips and recommendations that are difficult to apply. They may motivate you to sing and dance so that you feel better, dare you to do something scary. At best they will reveal the inner reasons for your low self-esteem and lack of confidence. But these are only part of the job and are important but they won’t change your behaviour nor your perception of yourself.
Therefore, after the training at first, you are enthusiastic, but soon it wears out because you haven’t changed the way you feel about yourself. Other motivators preach “Fake it till you make it!”, but most likely this would make you feel so uncomfortable as if you are a pompous cow! No wonder, some of these tips don't match your values or attitudes.

This is the only training of its kind based on a scientifically-backed method (Emotional Freedom Techniques) that produces tangible, measurable results in the psyche and body and they will last over time. With EFT we will literally unlock your innate self-confidence.
During your training, you will change the neural pathways that keep your old patterns of limitations. We will erase the voice of the internal critic and the self-destructive belief that something is wrong with you - straight to your subconscious mind.

Here are the testimonials after our EFT course:

The EFT course with Irena was truly magical! I feel 1000 times more confident! I love myself and the world! S. with love and gratitude

The EFT course was a unique experience – both new and adding to my knowledge. I felt so empowered! I felt I can achieve the limitless possibilities ahead of me! D.

The EFT course was the most transformational and inspiring course I’ve ever attended! Now I feel so much more confident and KNOW that I ought to be true to myself 100%! S.

I should now have much bigger goals because I know I can achieve them! B.

I went through stages of transformation and self-awareness and felt truly inspired to be me. I can definitely follow my dreams! Thank you so much, Irena! B.

Emotional Freedom Techniques aka Tapping is based on ancient Chinese acupuncture and modern Western psychology. Amazingly simple and easy to apply, this technique works quickly, is easily mastered even by children, and anyone can use it in times of need. More and more experts in the field of emotional health and well-being from all over the world are implementing it in their work. It is done by tapping on the bio-active (acupuncture) points of the head and body, while one is tuned to something unpleasant that one would like to get rid of.

Matrix Reimprinting using EFT is an upgrade of tapping that combines the power of meditation with EFT. It reaches even deeper levels of consciousness, where we can directly change deep-rooted beliefs and self-image.

The course has 3 practical online modules, during which we will work on removing the self-defeating beliefs. The practices are led by an expert In EFT and Matrix Reimprinting, so you do not need certification training in these methods.

You need this system if you are about to embark on a project that requires your unshakable self-confidence, and you do not have time to study EFT or Matrix Reimprinting, as well as for anyone who values their time and wants results now.

You get:

• 3 group practises with EFT and Matrix Reimprinting (2 hrs each) 19, 26 May, 2 Jun 2022
• the video-recordings
• materials for each module
• a private online forum to share your experiences and ask questions
• additional Q&A meeting with even more tapping (4 Jul 2022)


1. My fears that are blocking me – to be my true self, to be envied, to be visible, to be successful
2. Connecting to my personal value – building up my self-esteem and my self-confidence
3. Living from the place of personal power – connecting to my inner power and potential to achieve my life purpose

For those ready to take action there is an early bird price of £99 until 9 May, after that £129 via https://www.paypal.com/paypalme/EFT4success.

Contact us for more info on 07391154014


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