Abundance Activation

Abundance Activation

A new science-backed revolutionary technology that changes the brain’s learning can help you activate your attraction of:

  • more abundance
  • more fulfilling relationships
  • more energy for the things you love

Or in other words, going for your dreams by changing your life energy Chi!

How many times we have been in awe of the abundant Universe showering us with gifts like opportunities, support, understanding, beauty, joy, love, connection, friends, inspiration, peace, serenity… And we are so grateful!

Yet there are times when we feel

  • frustrated when we don’t get what we deserve
  • disappointed that our beautiful work and efforts have gone in vain
  • wondering what is wrong with us in THIS SPECIFIC area of your life while being successful in all others.

If you are interested in how to activate your abundance attraction EVEN MORE this EFT-tapping practice is for you!

In this 3-week workshop you will get:

  • How to use your consciousness so that you start attracting what you want (or blocks the Law of Attraction and had not been shared with the audience, if you are familiar with the film The Secret)
  • You will learn a new science-backed technology that can change your brain’s learning – easy to learn and quick to apply plus extremely effective – it has been used by top athletes and celebrities.
  • You will discover your specific subconscious block to success; understanding it on a deeper level will help you improve by at least 50% the control of your life
  • You’ll learn the 7 main inner conflicts which keep you wasting your life energy and the strategies to counteract them.

We’ll be using Emotional Freedom Techniques aka Tapping, a recently discovered method that changes the brain’s learning and is a powerful de-sensitization and self-regulation technique.

Our experienced tapping trainer Irena Barton will guide you in removing your energetic blocks so that you can draw abundance with your willpower.

This technology will work for you even if you have never done tapping before as it is led by an expert in EFT and the subconscious mind. Irena can easily take you to the underlying cause of your self-sabotaging behaviours and inner conflicts.


This is not an ordinary information workshop where you’ll sit and listen in order to learn new ways of “how-to” which you’ll later forget.

You will be actively engaged in tapping and transforming your mindset using EFT! The tapping practice may stir emotions leading to a strong emotional and physical relief which will keep over time. You will experience deep insights and will notice a perceivable shift in your energy, your moods and general well-being but particularly in the way you deal with abundance.

The workshop is based on a process that can be repeated as much as you need. Therefore, you’ll receive:

  1. workshop manuals for each module
  2. a short tapping guide
  3. a tapping practice-sheet
  4. video recordings from the workshop modules

Book now! Places are limited

Your Trainer: Irena Barton, EFT Master Trainer and an expert in the subconscious

When: each Tuesday – 7-9 pm.

Where: online on Zoom

Your investment: £97 introductory price that will never be repeated

For inquiry and bookings:

phone 07391154014

 e-mail us

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