Let Abundance In

Let Abundance In

Reprogramme your mindset for abundance with EFT

Have you ever thought about why some people live in abundance and riches and others – in poverty? Or why do some people have to toil from dawn till dusk while others receive money effortlessly?

  • If you are one of the people who put in 100% of themselves but receive less than that in terms of abundance and money
  • If you are fed up struggling with money
  • If you are earning a lot of money but somehow can't keep it

this workshop is for you

You are a reliable, outcome-driven, and intelligent person full-heartedly devoted to your work, but money isn't your strong suit. You begin to wonder if there is something in you that blocks the flow of abundance or money. You may start thinking that you need to become a ruthless greedy person if you were to earn like your peers but that goes against your values. To see that some of your competitors who are not as half-diligent and skilled as you earn better using arrogance and pretence is really disappointing to you …

Relax, there is a way out!

And it is to change your attitude and mindset towards abundance and money on a deep subconscious level. When you do this, you will be able to effortlessly manifest abundance in your life.

This workshop will help consultants, coaches, therapists, and other solopreneurs over 5 weeks to end feeling powerless around money and to develop the confidence that they can generate more than enough abundance without losing their values or integrity.

 00318 inPixio smThis training is one of a kind and it is based on a science-backed method that can rewire brain patterns. It will produce perceivable results in your mind and body that are going to keep over time. It summarises Irena’s extensive work with hundreds of clients and students and their subconscious beliefs about abundance, money, and self-worth.

During the EFT tapping modules, you will erase generational patterns of lack and scarcity that are stored in your subconscious mind and replace them with an abundance mindset.

Emotional Freedom Techniques, also known as Tapping, is the modern psychological version of ancient Chinese acupuncture. Based on Neuro-linguistic Programming and contemporary Western psychology it incorporates a gentle somatic intervention through tapping bio-active acupuncture points on the head and body which sends a calming signal to the stress centre of the brain (the amygdala) while feeling something unpleasant. Incredibly simple and easy to apply tapping produces instant results, is easy to learn even by children and can be used in the moments when we need self-regulation. Recommended and used by many motivational speakers around the world Like Jack Canfield, Paul Mckenna and even Tony Robbins.

In this online workshop over 5 weeks we shall focus on eliminating any internal limitations and beliefs that cause self-sabotaging behaviour to abundance and money. The EFT tapping practice will be led by an EFT expert therefore there is no need for prior experience with EFT. 

The EFT tapping practices are organised in the following 5 modules:

  1. Early money paradigm – the axiomatic truth about money and abundance inherited from your family and previous generations – the attitudes you observed in your extended family (family feuds), family loyalty to loss and poverty;
  2. Financial Trauma – dramatic life-changing financial or material losses (good money going after bad money), moving from having to not-having money, divorce, bad financial investments;
  3. Toxic Money – the debt that emotionally drags you down, the money with a toxic emotional charge (money you are owed but never received or paid for unused service), money that should be yours but is not;
  4. Fear of Success – all fears related to becoming rich, visible, prominent, fear of envy and hatred, fear of asking for adequate pay;
  5. My Value – what is my value, where it comes from, how to increase it and feel delighted to exchange it with others; by the end of this module you will feel worthy and unconditionally deserving.

What you get:

- 5 live group EFT tapping practices where you can present your case
- video and audio recordings of the live session to replay and practise
- study materials for each module
- a private group for Q&A, to share and discuss your success with likeminded people

For those who are ready for change, there is an early bird price until 20 Feb 2024 - £175

Regular price after 20 Feb £250

This system gives results even when nothing else worked for you. It has brought great success to many people – here is what they say:

I needed to sell a commercial property, but the buyer had offered me a ridiculous price. After the tapping, I negotiated and sold the property for a 5x higher price! I almost couldn’t believe it! I was so proud of my success! Thank you, Irena! ~Diana, a businesswoman


My income has shown a steady increase since the webinar. I have been earning much more, managed to make sales of 2 programmes in 1 month (which was unheard of), and started a new project which already is 25% sold. As if the barriers to abundance fell off. Jane, wholistic practitioner


 I feel really inspired and even more motivated to do Irena’s practices. Part of achieving my financial goal was to ask for a pay rise. I presented my request to the bosses and a week later I got it in full! This works! Thank you! ~Valentine, software engineer Book Cover EN July 20233 sm


 This workshop was the impetus I needed to work on my dreams. I felt inspired to take bold and effective actions towards my goal, something I felt unsafe to do in the past. Irena, your enthusiasm is contagious! ~Sylvia, holistic practitioner


 Irena, your workshop inspired me to follow my dreams! Thank you! ~Zara, Mindfulness Coach

Book now! Places are limited.

Your Trainer

Irena Barton – Master EFT Trainer with EFTMR Academy, certified by EFT Founder Gary Craig and expert in subconscious reprogramming; author of Set Your Subconscious Mind to Abundance

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