Irena is Bulgaria’s only qualified EFT and Matrix Reimprinting practitioner.

Ted Wilmont, EFT and MR trainer and practitioner

EFT and the Matrix Reimprinting greatly helped - my presentations went very well and my worries ended before entering the hall. When I got insinde and started, everything went perfectly well! About the presentations - I was amazed how many unsuspected detailes I noticed during the event itself. I did not even suspect that such things could exist or I percieved them differently. In general this was a miracle... Once again a big Thank You, Irena!


Thank you, Irena! I am so grateful to God for guiding me to you after I came back from Holland. I am so lucky, you know!



You gave me this incredible new direction and hope... At any moment I feel you as unshakeable stronghold and evidence for the Divine nature of every human being.


Dear Irena, My words are not enough to thank you! You sensed my worst pain and helped me overcome it. I had so much sadness and thought I was strong after all I've been through. It is only now that I have succeeded.



This session was incredible! I have never gone that far into the Matrix experience! Your skill is preceded only by your love, clarity, understanding, and compassion. You are with me always now! My special angel! Much love to you!


You bring light, peace and confidence to my soul. With your help I see the world differently and can notice the beauty around me. I am so lucky to be your friend!



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