You can achieve the impossible

Irena sm

I am Irena Barton, a certified EFT trainer and an expert in the subconscious mind. I help outcome-driven professionals struggling with self-doubt to rebuild confidence and restore their can-do-anything attitude even if they feel burnt out, have tried thinking positively, meditating or talking about it and it didn't work for them.

For the last 14 years, I have helped thousands of clients and students get their personal power back, achieve big and defy self-doubt. I have been mastering my “mind hack” for over 10 thousand hours with clients from Europe, the US, South Africa and the Middle East but most importantly I have been where you are. After a successful banking career, I have built a thriving business and a community in the pioneering field of energy psychology in my home country, Bulgaria. And from a serious (and introverted) number cruncher I grew up to speak and demonstrate in front of huge live audiences and on TV. That was a big leap and I know exactly how to do it.

As an EFT trainer, my trainees constantly give me feedback on how much their confidence had improved, how empowered they felt and how this inner change was palpable to their family and friends. Not only they felt more self-assured and capable to achieve anything they wanted but their lives changed for the better in an unimaginable way.

So, I have decided to summarize and focus on the particular areas that affect self-confidence and share them with you.