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What is EFT?

Learn about the psychological acupuncture created in 1996 by the American engineer Gary Craig Read More

What is Matrix Reimprinting?

Matrix Reimprinting is a form of meditation where we revisit a stressful event from the past and mentally apply EFT Read More

EFT Certification Courses

EFT calms down the primitive brain. Learn how to apply it to your clients. Read More

What Others say?

Deepak Chopra, MD "EFT offers great healing benefits." Read More

Irena in Magazine "Manager"

Energy psychology provides dramatically more efficient results in many areas where nothing else works Read More
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Release Stress!

Live Happily!

Do you know that you can release stress NOW? Not tomorrow or after years of exercising . NOW.
Do you know that you can get rid of negative emotions NOW? Easily and effortlessly and do it right NOW.
Do you know that you can stop the negative thoughts that are bothering you? It is possible to do it NOW and then you will be able to embrace positive attitude to life.
Do you know that you can free yourself from physical pain without pills NOW?
Do you know that you can feel good without rewarding yourself with a cigarette, food, alcohol, TV or shopping…
Not in time or through immense efforts but right NOW…
There is a scientifically proven technique which works quickly and effectively, it is easy to learn even by children and anyone can use it in a moment of need.
This technique is Emotional Freedom Technique ® (EFT)

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Matrix Reimprinting


From our blog

EFT Tapping Helps

Did you know that EFT Tapping can help you to:

• Reduce stress significantly and make you feel very relaxed – literally in minutes
• Gently process painful, uncomfortable or “negative” emotions like anxiety, sadness, anger, guilt, frustration, etc.
• Get rid of phobias and fears
• Improve your sleep as a result of the relaxation
• Relieve physical discomfort, pain, headache, enhance quick recovery after an injury
• Heal the emotional wounds from trauma even PTSD
• Quit smoking or any unhealthy addiction
• Improve your relationships – in family, at work or with business partners
• Empower children, parents and families
• Get rid of emotional eating and control weight issues
• Remove any negative obstacles to your performance – in sports, business, finance, romance etc.
• Increase self-esteem, clear-thinking, positive feelings and a sense of greater peace
• Improve performance (artistic, professional, athletic, sexual, etc.)
• Maximize creativity, visioning, and goal setting
• Increase energy and productivity
• Relieve symptoms from diagnosed medical conditions
• Promote spiritual growth, self-empowerment and confidence
• Open your mind for a world of possibilities where you can achieve anything

As Gary Craig, EFT Founder, used to say:

Try it on everything! Especially when nothing else works!



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I can’t wait to share with you the magic of EFT and:

  • How EFT can bring true freedom in life
  • How you can release negative experiences and allow space for purpose and happiness
  • And much more...


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